Speak with Lily with Your Ideas and Suggestions

Lily attributes her fervent interest and inspiration towards sculpture art at the Arizona State University. She originally worked in a style emphasizing only on the striking contours of ceramics in different forms of vases under renowned ceramic artist and teacher Kurt Weiser. She then started her venture in finding a form of art that can blend colors and texture in such a way that can excels at expressing human feelings and emotions.

She finds this type of penchant very appropriate in forms of figurines and doll collectible serving different important occasions in life, e.g. wedding, welcoming a newborn, family gathering, anniversary, etc ... Every time Lily works and delivers on each occasion, both Lily and the recipient enjoy the conversation on working together on the artpiece, be it a wedding couple in special custom attires or her special necklace design.

Apart from the intensive undertaking of art creation, enjoying a good meal of homemade cuisine with close friends, bird-raising and watching. Lily is a fervent bird and dog lover as the big family includes the beloved little parrot "Peachy" and the little dog named "Jelly".