Sculpted figurines with your beloved pet!

Custom figurines/toppers for you and your pets. Having a difficult time to think of what to give to your close friend for her/his birthday? Why not make him/her this unique figurine gifts and let them keep it for many years even life time?

Singing Theme Cake Toppers
Singer and Guitar Player Theme Cake Toppers

Just send us a few pictures in mind or ANYTHING YOU WANT and we will work together in handcrafting singing moment in a humor way only unique to yourself and your beloved!

There are a lot of wonderful things which have happened since the day you have your new pets be part of your family. Who does not want to have a memory of their pets for life time? Maybe our beloved pets can't stay with us forever, but we can sculpt them and let the memory last forever.

Sometimes it is just so difficult to think of a gift for our friends and families. Maybe there are many gifts outside for pet lovers but they are either too boring or typical. Why not just give such an affordable unique gift to them and make them remember you forever? They can keep this unique sculpted figurine for years after years, and pass on from one generation to another generation.