Make your Theme Cake Topper - Dedicate to your beloved

Think not just normal posture themes wedding cake toppers, be creative in adding bridesmaids, parents, pets, wedding dress designs. Just send us a few pictures in mind and we will work together in handcrafting the special moment.
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Unique Theme Wedding Cake Decoration

The wedding theme is traditionally only about the bride and groom but maybe you would like to take this time to recognize your child or your children. It is possible to have a cake theme topper that is dedicated to parents, bridesmaids, your loved ones, adorable pet friends without excluding the bride and groom as the focal point.

Instead of having just a bride and groom wedding cake topper on the wedding cake, you could try including a child cake topper next to the couple. It is a very subtle touch but it brings a sense of family to the theme of the wedding cake. There is a fine line between thoughtfulness and having a tacky wedding cake.

Be creative in bringing the memory of just a phone conversation or a special night that you have with your loved ones. Well, there are a ton of ways you can incorporate some different themes into your wedding cake and pull it off. One way to do this is to recognize your husbands excellent proposal by creating a cake theme based off of the season in which he proposed. You could also incorporate wedding cake toppers to honor your children or a fallen loved one.


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