Scottish and Italian Couple Weddings Cake Toppers Guide

Custom Scottish and Italian theme with your traditional attire and outfits and looks is a great personalized theme in wedding cake topper and cake decoration. Why not have all your laughters, scottish skirt, and scottish attires put in your wedding cake toppers or centerpieces? What could be more meaningful than a cake decoration that reminds everybody of your Scottish or Irish wedding cake toppers reflecting your origins?

Scottish Italian theme cake toppers
Scottish and Italian Couple Weddings Cake Toppers

Customize and handmade your Scottish wedding decoration with the color, posture, and attires you want.

Special Scottish wedding cake topper decoration you can consider:

Most brides prefer a white wedding dress. Favorite materials are still white satin and tulle embroidered with lace, although organza, beaded silk, cotton or taffeta is also used. The Victorian look is most popular.

Formal wear for the groom is either full Highland dress or day dress that is kilt and tweed jacket, or morning dress with gray topper and tails. Scottish or Irish cake toppers can also feature the groom, best man, and ushers wear white carnations and other male guests wear red ones. Lady guests may wear a buttonhole of carnations, orchids, or camellias to match their outfits.