Korean Theme Weddings Cake Toppers - A cool trend in Cake Decoration

Custom Korean theme with your traditional attire and outfits and looks is a great personalized theme in wedding cake topper and cake decoration. Perhaps you and your fiance/fiancee are from the same origin. Why not have all your smiles, and Korean attires put in your wedding cake toppers or centerpieces? What could be more meaningful than a cake decoration that reminds everybody of your common theme and interest? It also makes a very meaningful home decor that all of your korean family will cherish for a lifetime.

Korean them wedding cake toppers
Korean Bride And Groom Weddingcake Toppers

Just send us a few pictures in mind or ANYTHING KOREAN YOU WANT and we will work together in handcrafting Surfing or Skiing moment only unique to yourself and your beloved!

Sometimes the idea for a particular Korean theme, e.g. a particular state culture flows naturally from the ethnic traditions of the bride or groom — and sometimes, the couple just loves all things oriental.

There are also many other custom cultural or ethnic theme, not just indian wedding cake decoration, pls check it out in the website. e.g. Japanese, Indian,Hispanic, Jewish, or many others. Be adventurous, pick a more funny and whimsical approach.