Personalized Skier Cake Topper with your beloved dogs!

Personalised ski or surfing theme with your uniforms and looks is a great custom theme in wedding cake topper and cake decoration. Perhaps you and your fiance/fiancee met in one of those theme. Why not have all your smiles, ski boards or surfing boards put in your wedding cake toppers? What could be more meaningful than a cake decoration that reminds everybody of your common theme and interest?

Ski Skiing Surfing Theme Cake Toppers
Ski Skiing Surfing Theme Cake Toppers

Just send us a few pictures in mind or ANYTHING YOU WANT and we will work together in handcrafting Surfing or Skiing moment only unique to yourself and your beloved!

There are also many other custom sports theme, not just skiing or surfing theme wedding cake decoration, please check it out in the website. e.g. scuba diving or anything you want. Be adventurous, pick a more funny and whimsical approach.

A wedding's a bit of a high-altitude experience to begin with ... but your heights can only get higher when you put on a ski-theme reception!.