A Pilot and Flight Attendant - Custom Design Topper

isn't it romantic? many handsome pilot is marrying pretty flight attendant and the love story just starts in the air! I have been asking by quite many couple about making an airplane themed or just simple pilot themed topper. Some of them are pilot and flight attendant, some of them are just two pilots. They always told me that they do not want to have something boring and traditional and they wanted something reflects who they are. A traditional cake topper can't serve today's demand any more as it is just simply boring without personal touch at all. When it comes to our own wedding, a custom cake topper definitely will show off your taste and become the most unique keepsake for the rest of your life.

Aeroplane and Pilot Cake Toppers
Aeroplane and Pilot Cake Toppers

Besides, very surprisingly, many of the pilots are pet lovers, especially cats. :o) I have asked to incorporate their pets into their family sculpture.

Lily is more than happy to make your wedding special with personal touch. Please send her pictures and let her know your ideas. There is nothing too little or too much, be creative.

Never feel shy about showing who you are and always trust your own feelings