Hand Sculpted Custom Figurines Cake Toppers & Special Occasion Gifts

Whether you have a big wedding or small reception, a graduation or birthday party, or you are just simply looking for a gift for your beloved bridesmaids, your family, and friends, personalized figurines/toppers are always something that can be cherished and displayed for years after years and become a lasting memory of your very special moment after a party is over. Just unleash your imagination and let Lily handcraft your moment in a very unique way to reflect your careers, hobbies, personalities, interests, humors, etc.

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Today more and more couples are looking to add some spice and uniqueness to their wedding cake toppers. Whether it is a special proposal, unique hobby, career, or even custom wedding dresses, cake decorations with themes in figurines and collectibles will not only make a special centerpiece that everybody remembers, it also makes a memorable home decor that you will cherish for a lifetime.

What could be a better time to show your appreciation on how you two met? How did he propose? What did you two experience over all these years leading to the big day? If he proposed in autumn in your often visited park, why not remember his posture in proposing and also add some autumn leaves around. If you two are hot fans of New York Yankees, why not have you two dressed in the jerseys in a hobby cake topper. Be creative when it comes to customizing your theme in your wedding cake.

This does not only apply to bride and groom cake decorations. You may also want to remember the day you enjoy with your beloved bridesmaids. Theme also applies in saving the happy moment with a newborn as a handmade baby shower gift or as an unusual handmade graduation gift ideas, etc ...

unique cake topper